Leagues and Tournaments

We are very excited to be able to offer League and Tournaments throughout the Central Illinois area. Our overall objective is to promote good sportsmanship throughout the league, enjoy the competition of the game of darts, and safeguard the league funds and guarantee the disbursement of 100% of the league funds in prize money, trophies, plaques, awards banquet and NDA sanctioning.

Have questions regarding Leagues or Tournaments... drop us an email and we'll get back to you shortly.

League Stats, Schedules, & Rosters

ADA22 - Adatuesdayspring22

League ADA22 - Adatuesdayspring22
Schedule Stats Roster

KS22 - Kewanee22

League KS22 - Kewanee22
Schedule Stats Roster

KSL22 - Kewaneespring22

League KSL22 - Kewaneespring22
Schedule Stats Roster

MRSL22 - Mondayremote22

League MRSL22 - Mondayremote22
Schedule Stats Roster

TWL22 - Tulucawednesday22

League TWL22 - Tulucawednesday22
Schedule Stats Roster

WIL21 - Shooter's In-House Wednesday Fall 21

League WIL21 - Wednesdayfall21
Schedule Stats Roster

WRL22 - Wednesdayremote22

League WRL22 - Wednesdayremote22
Schedule Stats Roster

Any league questions or concerns, call 309-685-9299 ext. 103

3rd annual summer shoot-out dart tournament flyer

players in dart tournament